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At Beauty Foundations Clinic, we offer a range of treatments specifically designed to address stubborn fat and sculpt your body's silhouette. Our innovative techniques effectively melt away unwanted fat, helping you achieve the contoured look you desire.

Additionally, if you're looking for a long-term solution to unwanted hair, we can assist you in achieving a hair-free lifestyle. Our professional team is well-equipped to provide effective hair removal treatments tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


The Evoke platform uses radio-frequency technology to provide non-invasive facial remodeling treatments. This hands-free applicator is designed specifically to address the cheeks and jowls and works by delivering uniform heating to the skin’s deeper layers. As the heat is applied, it melts fat cells and stimulates collagen production.

By addressing common signs of aging in the chin, jawline, and submental area, our estheticians use Evoke to restore your youthful appearance. Expect long-lasting results with minimal downtime or discomfort.


The Evolve X device by InMode is revolutionizing medical aesthetic technology. This all-in-one, non-invasive platform delivers multiple technologies to tighten skin, reduce fat, and tone muscles. It provides results similar to liposuction but with no surgery or downtime.

Our master body-sculpting technicians achieve natural-looking results in perfect safety. The ultimate body-shaping device allows us to make the most of your time with 3-in-1 produres.


Our Lipolysis Fat Melting treatment is a series of deoxycholic acid injections designed to permanently melt your fat. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in your body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Once injected into the fat deposits of your body, it destroys the fat cells. They can no longer store or accumulate fat and are reabsorbed naturally by your body. 

Typical treatments are for love handles and double chin. This treatment can also be effective with your arms, inner thighs, bra-line, back and abdomen.


Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicles with a LASER, not IPL which is solely intended for minor skin treatments. At Beauty Foundations Clinic, we use only Candela laser systems for hair removal. Candela lasers are the best in the industry. No matter what skin type you have, we can safely remove your unwanted hair. Permanent results can be realized in as little as 6 treatments. 


The Spectra™ laser utilized in our treatments specifically targets the ink particles within your tattoo, breaking them down into smaller fragments that can be naturally absorbed by your body. Through a series of treatments, the laser gradually fades the tattoo, resulting in its eventual disappearance.

Our Spectra™ laser treatment is a safe and effective method for tattoo removal. By precisely targeting the ink particles, the laser ensures minimal damage to the surrounding skin while effectively breaking down the tattoo pigments. The body's natural elimination processes then work to remove the fragmented ink over time.

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